The gaming industry is now on the verge of another wave of disruption, Built on blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The gaming industry is now on the verge of another wave of disruption, Built on blockchain and cryptocurrency.

TokenPlay gaming platform is a peer-to-peer, decentralized distribution platform utilizing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to make buying and selling games and in-game purchases easier, faster and cheaper.

Our new platform caters to both the PC and mobile gaming communities. The fluid user experience and modern architecture of the system, combined with its peer-to-peer transparency make this a truly unique move in the gaming ecosystem.

Key Advantages


Attractive Games Library


Interaction with developers


Online Distribution


Supporting independent game developers


Blockchain Integration


Peer to Peer Community


Live tournament streaming and betting


Fluid user experience and modern architecture of the TokenPlay app


Use of tokens to purchase & exchange games and to sponsor


Internally Curated

TokenPlay platform combines the finest in blockchain technology and intuitive user interface design to bring gamers, game developers and eSports figures into the modern era of video gaming.

TokenPlay is an Ethereum-powered answer to the needs of gamers and Indie developers that supports its users in every aspect of the ecosystem, from sales to installation, offering interaction with developers, tickets to exclusive events, live tournament streaming and betting, and more through the new TokenPlay experience.

Why TokenPlay

  • TokenPlay for Gamers

    • Unmatched game library, with focus on exclusive, independent games
    • Top-notch social-focused app, that lets users easily drop tokens on their favorite teams, players or developers before, during and after tournaments.
    • Live tournament streaming and betting
    • Extensive support in every aspect of the ecosystem, from sales to installation
    • Tickets to exclusive events
    • Use of tokens for various items on the platform, including game purchases, event  tickets, purchasing and exchanging in-game items, and sponsoring your favorite eSports players by sending them tokens in support of their upcoming tournaments, and much more.
  • TokenPlay for Game Developers

    • TokenPlay truly puts the power in the hands of indie game developers! We aim to become the platform of choice for the independent development community.
    • The platform provides a strong, incentivized structure for developers and content creators, including low entry cost and a truly decentralized distribution service.
    • Unbeatable 7% fee for game developers and content creators vs. the outrageous 30% cut that other global competitors like Steam, iTunes and Google play put on independent developers.
    • Proprietary API allowing the developer community to seamlessly integrate an in-game payment function. 
    • Superior customer service and support every step of the way.
  • TokenPlay for Crypto-Currency Buffs

    • TokenPlay truly intends to usher modern gaming into the hot new blockchain and cryptocurrency era!
    • Platform allows in-game purchases to take place using the TokenPlay Token. Users can buy games, purchase upgrades, bet and sponsor their teams using tokens, purchased with cryptocurrency, then exchange tokens back to cryptocurrency or to fiat, and trade tokens between games.
    • Platform will feature its own wallet, as well as direct links to crypto-currency exchanges for easy trading.

Generating Revenue Streams And Community Building

Our New E-Platform and Mobile App

Superior User Experience

In partnership with highly experienced UX and e-commerce strategists, app designers, and developers with a passion for building high-quality solutions, we are preparing our state-of-the-art Mobile App and E-Platform -  using the same UI technologies powering some of the most successful apps used by gamers today.

Our Unique App Features:

  • User profile
  •  Latest activity
  •  Game Store
  •  Friends, events, tournaments
  •  Available token balance
  •  Live streaming
  •  Streaming viewers

Come Be a Part of the World's First Peer to Peer, Decentralized Digital Gaming Platform Now!

TokenPlay is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BlocPlay Entertainment Inc.

BlocPlay aims to position itself as the first truly de-centralized digital entertainment company. Through blockchain technologies, we aim to deliver a decentralized platform of choice for the digital gaming industry, which will solve the inefficiencies and high fees of conventional payment methods in the gaming space, while offering top of the line video gaming products and supporting independent game developers.

BlocPlay Entertainment Inc. is a publicly listed company on the Canadian Stock Exchange: CSE: PLAY

  • Management

    James Hutton
    interim Chief Executive Officer

    Alex Powell
    Chief Financial Officer

    Mathieu Glaude
    Chief Product Officer

    Alexandre Sanhaji
    Chief Operating Officer

    Jay Dawani
    Chief Marketing Technology Officer

  • Technology Team

    James Taylor
    Technical VP of Productions

    Thomas Smith
    Blockchain Lead

    Michael Green
    Sound FX Engineer

    Trevor Church
    Community Manager

  • Advisors

    Nayan Williams
    Technical Advisor

    Nate Cartwright

    Gilles Paquin
    Paquin Entertainment

    Roman Krashanitsa

    Eric Eislund

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